explaining Comprehensive Income Statement and How to prepare it

Comprehensive income statement

What Is A Comprehensive Income Statement?

A comprehensive income statement is a financial statement that summarises both conventional net income and other comprehensive income (OCI). The consequence of producing an income statement is the net income. Other comprehensive income comprises all unrealized profits and losses on assets that are not represented in the income statement. It is a more comprehensive document that is frequently utilized by significant businesses with multi-country investments.

 Comprehensive Income The Same As Income Statement:

Aside from the income statement, the statement of comprehensive income includes comprehensive income. Both cover the same period, but the comprehensive income statement is divided into net pay and other comprehensive income (e.g., hedges).

The comprehensive income total, the sum of net income and other comprehensive income appears at the end of the statement. In some cases, businesses combine the income statement and the total income statement into a single statement. A company with other comprehensive income, on the other hand, This form is typically kept separate from the others. This statement is not required if it does not meet the criteria for classifying income as total income.


How Do You Write A Comprehensive Income Statement

  1. Select a Reporting Period.
  2. Create a Trial Balance Report.
  3. Determine Your Revenue.
  4. Determine the cost of goods sold.
  5. Determine the Gross Margin.
  6. Include your operating expenses.
  7. Calculate Your Earnings.
  8. Income taxes should be included.
  9. Calculate Net Income.
  10. Finish the Income Statement.


The Importance Of Other Comprehensive Income

While the income statement remains the key indicator of a company’s success, other comprehensive income increases the financial reporting’s dependability and transparency. Other income data cannot reveal the Company’s day-to-day activities, but it can give insight into other important topics.

Download Comprehensive Income Statement Excel Format


you can get and Download Comprehensive Income Statement Excel Format