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How Do You Use An E-invoice?

  • Using particular document formats, an electronic invoice (e-invoice) is a kind of invoice that’s created, sent, received, processed, and stored electronically. E-invoices are digital from the time of issuance till they are archived.
  • With e-invoicing, organizations may automate business processes and activities to replace manual operations and improve productivity while reducing time spent on mistake management.
  • e-invoicing start apply in KSA starting from 3 Dec 2021

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How Do I Get An E-invoice?

To begin, you must create an invoice in the ERP of the taxpayer.

In the usual course of business, the taxpayer will continue to produce invoices. However, there are requirements for electronically reporting these bills. E-invoice structure and necessary parameters must be followed while creating an e-invoice.

How to Generate a unique IRN using the generated data

Using a hash generating method, the e-invoice system generates the IRN (also known as hash), which is a unique number. A 64-character IRN will be created for each document. E-invoice systems now offer two ways to generate an IRN (Invoice Reference Number): offline and via an application programming interface (API).

QR Code Creation: E-invoice generation technology generates IRN, followed by digital signature and QR code (quick response code). Handheld devices will quickly scan the QR code to view, validate, and retrieve the invoices. The following information will be included in the QR code:

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  • The vendor’s GSTIN number.
  • The recipient’s GSTIN is provided below.
  • The supplier’s invoice number
  • The date on which the invoice was generated
  • what the bill came to be (taxable value and gross tax amount)
  • The total number of goods
  • The primary item’s HSN code (the line item having the highest taxable values)
  • The exclusive IRN number (hash)

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How Do You Send An E-invoice?

  1. A secure e-invoicing network sends an e-invoice directly to your customer’s accounts payable software. Because it’s the framework that New Zealand and Australian governments have chosen for standardized e-invoicing, Xero utilizes Peppol for its e-invoicing network.
  2. To get e-invoices, your client must be signed up with People. Sending them an e-invoice validates their registration. You’ll be alerted if they haven’t registered, and you’ll be able to send the invoice as a PDF or via email instead if they haven’t. The sending of an e-invoice is not dependent on registration with Peppol.
  3. Even if your customer uses a different software system, you can still send e-invoices. Your customer’s accounting system receives the e-invoice directly, eliminating the need for manual entry.

How Do You Follow Up On An Invoice?

Decide on your chosen mode of payment for your invoices upfront. Hold the invoice conversation right at the beginning, before you perform the task, for faster payments.

Clarify in the invoice what your client is paying for.

Organize a system for tracking down and collecting past-due bills.

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